Our Story

Getting young people involved in central Hartlepool

SRC started life ten years ago, when our two Directors, Pete Duncan and Sally Thomas decided to give up their jobs with Banks of the Wear Community Housing Association and Tyne and Wear Development Corporation respectively, to form a consultancy partnership.

Over the years we have gradually expanded our range of consultancy work and now have a national reputation for good practice in our field. In 2003 we became a limited company.

Father and son completing an SRC questionnaire in Rotherham

We employ a mixture of staff and associates, including the two Directors - we all work together in one space. Our small team is a multi-talented bunch of highly motivated people. We are a very hands-on organisation.

Much of our work is done in small teams, with project leaders agreed for each job as they come up. Of course, some people working for us have more experience than others, but we are keen to give everyone an opportunity to expand their skills and experience by learning through doing, not just through formal training courses and day release.

Community investment walkabout in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne

Our office is in Stocksfield, Northumberland, a village just 20 minutes drive or train from Newcastle and still in the attractive environment of the Tyne Valley. Our converted farm building is quite a contrast to the neighbourhoods where we spend much of our time working.

We aim to be an ethical company with a commitment to equal opportunities, community support, anti-racism and environmental sustainability.

We also make much use of Plain English - which means we try not to use words like environmental sustainability! We bank with the Co-op and provide a free advice and support service to community groups in the region.