Our Projects


PATH (Yorkshire) 2013 Carrying our an external organisational review of this black and minority ethnic training and support agency in West Yorkshire. Pete Duncan and Sally Thomas
Local Trust/Big Lottery 2012/2013 Appointed as Big Local Advisor for £1 million resident-led Big Lottery programme in Distington, Cumbria. Pete Duncan  
Developing an evaluation methodology for Isos 2013 Researching and drafting an evaluation methodology for this regional housing association's community investment strategy. Pete Duncan and Sally Thomas  
Business Intelligence survey for Ashington Town Team 2013 Partnering with Eljay Research, carrying out a 100% on-site survey of 200 business users in Ashington town centre for the newly - formed Ashington Town Team, chaired by Sir John Hall. Pete Duncan  
Consultation on New Earswick Renaissance for JRHT 2012 Consultation programme with residents and community of New Earswick on the proposals for the New Earswick Renaissance, a project to develop a life-long neighbourhood involving substantive redesign of amenities, facilities, housing and the environment. Pete Duncan  
Developing a Community Investment Framework for HACT 2012/2013 Researching and developing a Community Investment Framework for HACT, a guide and framework for housing associations to develop their community investment work. Follow-on work to facilitate a series of master classes. Sally Thomas  
Community Engagement Survey for Ashington Town Council 2012 Partnering with Eljay Research, carrying out a comprehensive community survey of residents, businesses and other stakeholders to enable the Town Council to make decisions about the future of the town, including services, development, commerce and business, with a particular emphasis on the high street. Pete Duncan  
Acting on Localism Respublica 2011/2012 Researching writing a publication for Respublica: Acting on Localism: the role of housing associations in driving a community agenda. Pete Duncan  
Community Investment Strategy - ISOS 2012 Developing a Community Investment Strategy for ISOS. Pete Duncan  
Interim Management role for North Star Housing Group On-going 2012/2013 Providing interim management as Head of Community Investment at North Star Housing Group, a 3,000 home social landlord operating across the five Teesside local authorities and Teesdale in County Durham. Sally Thomas  
Area Panel development for ISOS 2012 A programme of development, support, training and facilitation for Area Panels, part of the governance structure of ISOS, a major provider of social housing in the North-East. Pete Duncan  
Scoping study of community investment by social housing providers for Glasgow Housing Association 2012 A scoping study of good practice in community involvement / investment in social housing providers for Campbell Tickell as part of their work for Glasgow Housing Association, to inform GHA's governance structures and community involvement strategy. Sally Thomas  
Away Day for ISOS 2012 Developing and delivering an Away-Day for ISOS, a major social housing provider in the north-east to look at tenant involvement in governance and plan the way forward. Pete Duncan  
Advising on policy and funding programme for the Webb Memorial Trust 2011 Advising on the funding policies and programme of the Webb Memorial Trust, a charitable trust focused on addressing poverty. Sally Thomas  
Connect4change 2011-14 Management and delivery of a £931,000 outsourced programme of support for the VCS infrastructure sector in Northumberland over three years in partnership with Voices and Adapt (two local VCS organisations). Sally Thomas  
Seminar programme for the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership 2011 Developing and delivering a seminar programme for all the north-east local authorities on lessons from the RIEP's programme of community engagement and empowerment projects 2008-2011 in partnership with the North East Empowerment Partnership (NEEP). Sally Thomas  
Editorial contribution to research by Respublica 2011 Contributing editor to a report by Respublica, a leading think-tank on the future of social housing, 'At the Crossroads: a new agenda for housing associations'. Sally Thomas  
Review of Bike-It project for Sustrans 2010 A national review of one of Sustrans' major cycling to school initiatives, involving interviews with 50 schools, parents and Sustrans staff and the production of a report for publication. Pete Duncan  
Community investment strategy and action plan / Northstar Housing 2010/2011 Developing a community investment strategy and action plan for Northstar Housing Association, including developing a neighbourhood based approach and advising on the recruitment of senior staff with mentoring and support. Sally Thomas and Pete Duncan  
Consultation on the CEN for Stockton Borough Council. 2010 Consultation for Stockton Borough Council on the future of the Community Empowerment Network, involving consulting with the community and voluntary sector and running two workshops for community representatives. Sally Thomas  
A Guide to Engagement, Empowerment and Development /Northumberland County Council 2010/2011 Commissioned to develop a guide for the County with comprehensive information, materials and guidance using a combination of existing material and new guidance sourced from Northumberland, the region and nationally to support engagement, empowerment and community development work. Sally Thomas  
Councillor and partner training / Northumberland County Council 2010/2011 Developing and delivering a training programme of sessions, 'Supporting our communities through change - what does the Big Society mean for Northumberland?', for County and Parish councillors, the community and voluntary sector and Council officers. Sally Thomas  
Evaluation of the Copeland Homes' Community Investment Fund/Home Group 2010/2011 A comprehensive mid-point evaluation of the Community Investment Fund set up at the time of stock transfer five years ago. Pete Duncan, Sally Thomas  
A Locality Plan for the Cockermouth area/ Allerdale Borough Council /Cockermouth Town Council 2010 Developing a pilot Locality Plan in one of five new Locality Areas in Allerdale which includes the town of Cockermouth and 14 surrounding parishes. Pete Duncan  
Social capital study/ North East Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership 2010/2011 Enabling 'good conversations' between communities and service providers through work across the North East' 12 local authorities putting into practice the IDeA's Community Mapping and Empowerment tools - developed by SRC. Working as lead partner with IPPR (North). Sally Thomas  
Community development trust research/Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust 2011 Researching the potential for Burnholme Community College, York to be the central hub for a social enterprise model, such as a community development trust. This study will scope out the key issues, indicate the options and recommend a way forward. Sally Thomas  
Schools audit and survey of extended services /North Tyneside Council and the Whitley Partnership of Schools 2010 Commissioned by North Tyneside Council and the Whitley Bay Partnership of Schools to research community access to extended services in local schools, involving primary research of 600 households through a sample survey (by Eljay Research), interviews with headteachers and potential hirers of school sites and focus groups with rarely heard groups. Pete Duncan  
Community development research/Northumberland County Council 2010 Running in parallel with a regional scoping study, this work researches how a community development service for the County can be delivered effectively. It is one of a number of related projects to develop, improve and enhance partnership working, community engagement and empowerment and neighbourhood management. Sally Thomas  
Review of neighbourhood management in North Tyneside/North Tyneside Council 2010 Reviewing and documenting the five year long neighbourhood management initiative in North Tyneside. Pete Duncan  
Community Development Study/North East Empowerment Partnership 2010 Commissioned by the NEEP to map community development understanding, activity and resources across the region, making recommendations on its future role. Follow-on project in more detail for Northumberland. Sally Thomas  
Huddersfield Town Centre Area Action Plan Consultation/Kirklees Council 2010 Targeted qualitative focus group work with rarely heard groups including young people, older people and those with disabilities, using a variety of appropriate participatory appraisal techniques to gather views on 5 key themes. This work followed on from earlier work on the LDF Core Strategy in Kirklees. Sally Thomas  
Social Research into Worklessness/North Tyneside Neighbourhood Management 2010 Studying long-term worklessness in an area of North Tyneside with significant numbers of long-term workless people and a cycle of worklessness in many households. The study aims to help the Council and other service providers understand the barriers that exist, identify any gaps in support, maximise the available services and find solutions to helping this group into employment. Pete Duncan  
Consett Town Centre Masterplan/Durham Council 2010 Developing and implementing a community consultation programme for a Masterplan aiming to stimulate development and ensure appropriate future investment in Consett town centre. Working with GVA Grimley. Pete Duncan  
Community Regeneration Team (CRT) Review/Newcastle NDC 2009/2010 A study which followed on from the 2006 evaluation of the CRT and assessed the effectiveness and impacts of this model of developing and delivering a community development service. Sally Thomas  
Research and delivery support for the 'Communities, Neighbourhood and Localities Hub' (Hub 3)/ Network of Empowering Authorities (NEA) 2009/10 As research and delivery partner to Hub 3, SRC will be helping hub members improve the way they work with communities to deliver community empowerment at local level. This involved the development of a community empowerment mapping tool; a model empowerment plan and guidance on how to ensure that community views influence services in neighbourhoods / localities. Pete Duncan and Sally Thomas  
Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Improvement Programme/Newcastle NDC 2009 Evaluating one of Newcastle NDC's major community led neighbourhood improvement programmes which delivers projects addressing community identified priorities across 10 neighbourhoods in the West End of Newcastle. Sally Thomas  
Tanfield Investment Strategy and Masterplan/Durham County Council 2009 Developing, and implementing a stakeholder consultation programme as part of the development of an investment strategy and masterplan for an industrial area near Stanley, County Durham. Working as part of a team led by GVA Grimley, the consultation programme involves telephone and face to face interviews with stakeholders an esurvey and visioning workshop. Pete Duncan  
Community Empowerment Case Studies Research/Scottish Government 2008/2009 Carrying out research into community empowerment, looking at 12 case studies across the country, identified by the Scottish government and COSLA. It involves visiting all of them, talking to those directly involved and helping to tell their stories. Pete Duncan  
LDF Core Strategy Consultation/Kirklees Council 2009 To develop and deliver complementary, qualitative, engagement with residents across Kirklees, in the form of focus groups, targeted at people that together reflect the diversity of residents within the Borough. The groups will focus upon four core development options that will provide context to the views and information gathered from other elements of the consultation process such as drop-ins, comment cards and outreach with rarely heard (hard to reach) groups. Sally Thomas and Chris Cox  
Maryport Worklessness 'Circles of Need' Project / Allerdale Borough Council 2009 Working with agencies in a wide range of sectors and workless people themselves on a pilot project in Maryport, an area of West Cumbria with high levels of worklessness and deprivation. Pete Duncan  
Evaluation Partners / Hartlepool NDC 2009/2010 Acting as an evaluation partner on the NDC programme of project evaluations, supplementing the current capacity of the in-house evaluation team to the end of the NDC's life. This covered six evaluations ranging from neighbourhood management to a project for under 5s and a business plan for the Salaam Community Centre. Sally Thomas and Pete Duncan  
East / Central Strategic Regeneration Framework / Nottingham City Council 2009/2010 Developing, managing and implementing the consultation programme as part of the development of a Strategic Regeneration Framework for Nottingham City Council as part of a team led by EDAW. The SRF covers a third of the city, around 97,000 people, and will result in a planning framework, following which neighbourhood plans will be developed. The consultation programme involved stakeholder interviews and workshops, community conferences, outreach work and community study visits. Sally Thomas and Pete Duncan  
Scoping Research/North East Improvement and Efficiency Partnership/North East Resource Centre 2008/2009 Scoping the needs of the region's local authorities and other public authorities to support the planning, delivery and monitoring of the challenges set out in 'Communities in Control', the government's community empowerment programme. Identifying and assessing current community empowerment activity regionally and producing a training and development plan to increase and enhance the skills and knowledge of local authority and other public authority staff to deliver community empowerment. Sally Thomas  
Bridging Newcastle Gateshead / Residents Panel 2008 Support, advice and guidance to Bridging Newcastle Gateshead, the housing market renewal pathfinder, for the setting up and running of a Residents Panel to influence and inform their work at a strategic level; including accreditation for Panel members at NVQ Level 2. Sally Thomas  
Community Development Trust Research / Joseph Rowntree Foundation/ Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust 2008 A joint commission for JRF and JRHT to research community development trusts and other models of community asset ownership and management and test whether they will help sustain two major neighbourhoods in York - New Earswick and Derwenthorpe. Sally Thomas, Pete Duncan  
Community Needs Review / Oadby and Wigston Borough Council 2008 Young people's consultation including a stakeholder workshop, steering group development, a programme of consultation with young people and a report of outcomes. Sally Thomas  
Feasibility Study / Norcare Ltd 2008 An independent feasibility study into the establishment of a Regional Alcohol Detox facility. Pete Duncan  
Community Engagement Programme / Commercial Estates Group 2008 Commissioned by developers, Commercial Estates Group to help secure community and stakeholder support for a sustainable 41 hectare mixed use urban extension in an area of significant housing pressure near Knaresborough. Pete Duncan, Sally Thomas  
Review of Neighbourhood Management / Leicestershire County Council 2008 An independent review of Neighbourhood Management arrangements across the County. The study involved a fundamental review of Neighbourhood Management across the County, covering the 19 neighbourhoods involved and ensuring a detailed analysis of what is working, what isn't, what might be considered best practice and could provide a model for other communities, how this relates to national best practice and, very importantly, how improvements can be made in future. Sally Thomas  
Cultural Enterprise Centre / Stockton Borough Council/Stockton International Family Centre 2008 A feasibility study into the need and demand for managed workspace to increase the sustainability of cultural enterprise in the Tees Valley. Chris Cox  
Stage 2 Big Lottery Bid support / Linacre Mission 2008 Appointed by Linacre Methodist Mission in Sefton to help secure a Stage 2 Big Lottery Bid for making better use of their building as a multi-use community centre. Pete Duncan  
Northumberland Belonging Communities /Northumberland County Council 2007 Development of a consultation programme to be carried out with the 26 Belonging Communities during local government reorganisation.Providing organisational, logistical and coordination support to local authority officers to ensure that this highly complex programme runs smoothly with the minimum of hitches. Sally Thomas  
New Earswick Community Facilities Action Plan / Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2007 The second stage in the development of a vision and action plan for the village focused on community facilities and activities, and approaches to consultation and involvement. Pete Duncan, Sally Thomas  
Community Action Partnership (CAP) reports / Wansbeck Council and Wansbeck Life 2007 Commissioned by Wansbeck Council and Wansbeck Life to write Plain English summary feedback reports disseminating the outcomes of a Community Planning survey carried out in six Community Action Partnership (CAP) areas to identify where Wansbeck Life and the Council need to direct their services to tackle community priorities. Pete Duncan  
Newbiggin Life and East Ashington Life Evaluation / Wansbeck Life Initiative 2007 Commissioned by Wansbeck Life to carry out an evaluation of the Newbiggin Life and East Ashington Life initiatives. Chris Cox  
Race Equality in Tyne and Wear / Newcastle City Council (on behalf of the five Tyne and Wear local authorities) 2007 An options assessment and initial business planning work on the potential for a new race equality body in Tyne and Wear. The research builds on previous studies and looks at whether there is a current need for a body or bodies addressing race equality and, if so, the options that might be realistic. Sally Thomas  
Meden Valley Making Places Evaluation 2007 An interim evaluation of the Housing Regeneration Company after its first three years of work in the Meden Valley area of Nottingham. Work includes consultation with stakeholders and residents. Chris Cox  
Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre / Sefton Borough Council 2007 To consult on three options for the future of the neighbourhood centre, with a range of local groups including centre users, the wider community and local stakeholders / agencies. Sally Thomas  
Hattersley District Centre / Hattersley Neighbourhood Management Partnership and Peak Valley Housing 2007 Developing a district centre community facilities business plan involving stakeholder and community consultation and an option appraisal. Pete Duncan  
North East War Museum 2007 Consultation on a proposed venue move for a local museum contributing to audience development and access plans. Chris Cox  
Gateshead Rural Strategy / Gateshead Housing Partnership 2007 Research into a proposal for a housing-led pilot programme for regeneration in two rural Gateshead villages - Chopwell/Blackhall Mill and Kibblesworth. Pete Duncan  
Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy/Fund Research / The Derwentside Partnership (Local Strategic Partnership) 2007 To undertake a research study in order to assess the impact of the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy and Neighbourhood Renewal Fund on BME and other disadvantaged groups. Researching baseline data and evidencing the impact of Derwentside Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy and activities supported by Neighbourhood Renewal Fund targeting of the BME and other disadvantaged communities. Sally Thomas  
Newcastle New Deal for Communities Community Regeneration Team (CRT) Evaluation 2006 Evaluation of the CRT, drawing on both internal perspectives and external perspectives, through a range of consultation including meetings, focus groups and e-survey. To inform the future development and direction of the CRT and inform NDC funding of the project. Rose McGinty  
Community Consultation Advice and Training / Leeds City Council 2006 Carrying out a review of the Planning department's approach to community consultation in line with its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). The work included an initial review and assessment of the approach, advice on consulting on future stages and delivering a focused training programme to increase staff skills and confidence in meeting the requirements of the SCI. Sally Thomas/Chris Cox  
Community Engagement Programme / Leeds City Council 2007 A programme of support for Leeds City Council Planning department in relation to consulting the community on the preferred option stage of the EASEL Area Action Plan. Chris Cox  
Peterlee Masterplan / Peterlee District Council (and Easington District Council, Durham County Council and English Partnerships 2006 Developing a residential Masterplan for Peterlee which includes identifying sites for potential new house building, improvements to the existing housing and neighbourhood wide improvements. Working with a team lead by GVA Grimley. Pete Duncan  
EASEL / Bellway PLC 2006-2008 To provide the social and community elements of a major programme of regeneration in East and South East Leeds for a developer consortium led by Bellway, including the development and implementation of Neighbourhood Management, covering an area of 80,000 people in 36,500 households and leading to the establishment of a Joint Venture Company with the City Council. Sally Thomas  
York Central Area Action Plan / York City Council 2006 To carry out a programme of consultation as part of the preparation of an Area Action Plan for the York Central site of 35 acres around York Railway Station, focusing initially on the Issues and Options stage. Sally Thomas  
Successful Neighbourhoods / Department of Communities and Local Government, the Housing Corporation, the Chartered Institute of Housing 2006 To research and write a good practice guide on Successful Neighbourhoods, as a follow up the 2001 good practice guide on Neighbourhood Management and in order to provide guidance on the implementation of approaches and measures in the upcoming Local Government White Paper. Pete Duncan / Sally Thomas  
Cheetwood Community Centre / Guinness Trust 2006 Conducting an internal review of the Cheetwood Community and Sports centre in North Manchester, to develop a number of options for the future of the building. Pete Duncan  
North Benwell Neighbourhood Management Initiative 2004-2006 A comprehensive evaluation of the project involving detailed consultation with key stakeholders and residents in the area, including focus groups, outreach work and residents perception survey. Sally Thomas  
Community Planning in West Wylam / Tynedale District Council 2006 Commissioned by Tynedale District Council, Milecastle Housing and Northumberland Care Trust to carry out a Community Planning Exercise in Prudhoe North ward, focusing on West Wylam. Pete Duncan  
Widdrington Station / Grainger Trust PLC 2006 Undertaking a comprehensive community consultation exercise in Widdrington Station, an ex-coal mining village in Northumberland, in relation to a range of proposals and ideas developed by Grainger Trust plc. Chris Cox  
Sunderland NRF Evaluation 2006 SRC, in collaboration with Primetrics, carried out an independent evaluation of a number of NRF projects in Sunderland in order to assess their impact and to develop a database which would provide an analytical framework for future use by the LSP. Sally Thomas  
Middlesbrough Borough Council 2005/2007 Supporting the development of a resident-led Community Sounding Board and the negotiation of a Residents Charter for Gresham and Middlehaven. An extensive community engagement programme developing Neighbourhood Action Plan for Gresham. Supporting the Council's Local Community team and working closely with residents, agencies and businesses. This followed a 17-month piece of community and stakeholder consultation work in 2004 and 2005 covering the whole Older Housing area of some 10,000 homes. This work focused on a strategy that would help successfully restructure the local housing market and improve residents' quality of life. Working in a team including NLP Planning and DTZ. Pete Duncan  
Hartlepool New Deal for Communities 2006 An evaluation of Hartlepool Central Sure Start with particular reference to NDC funded elements. Providing an assessment of the impacts the projects have made, set against the projected Project Appraisal document. Lisa Marshall  
Central Scotland Forest Trust 2006 Establishing and testing a methodology for identifying and measuring the key social benefits and impacts of the Central Scotland Forest, an area with a population of c 750,000 people. Included a range of consultation approaches and techniques including outreach and an extensive resident survey. Outputs included a tool kit to allow future duplication and local delivery of the methodology. Chris Cox  
Chester Le Street District Council 2006 The development of an Area Action plan for Grange Villa, a rural ex-mining community on the edge of Durham, involving extensive community consultation, including a household survey, and community capacity building work to develop a representative voice for the village. Working with Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners. Sally Thomas  
Sunderland City Council 2005/2007 A community engagement programme is currently being undertaken as part of the development of a masterplan for the Castletown area of Sunderland. A community engagement programme is also running in parallel in the Hetton Downs area to develop an Area Action Plan. Working with Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners. Pete Duncan, Lisa Marshall  
Gateshead Council 2004/2005 A community engagement programme related to the development of 4-neighbourhood action plans for Bridging Newcastle Gateshead Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder. Team includes GVA Grimley, NLP Planning and Ryder HKS. Included a community audit and best practice review. Chris Cox  
Gateshead Housing Company 2005 Organisation of a tenant consultation programme on behalf of the ALMO as part of their Option and Investment Appraisal. The programme included a series of public meetings, a 100% household survey and a series of follow-up feedback sessions. Chris Cox  
Newcastle City Council 2005 An intensive community engagement programme as part of the preparation of an Area Action Plan in Walker Riverside during the statutory period of consultation in a masterplan area spanning nine neighbourhoods with a population of some 13,000 people in Newcastle upon Tyne. Sally Thomas  
Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership 2005 Working in an area of 3000 households to develop a strategic framework for community facilities. This included consultation with local residents via a household survey, outreach work and meetings with facility managers to develop a range of options for the future of community facilities on the estate. Pete Duncan  
Burnley Borough Council 2005/2006 Working with the Council to prepare masterplans for two areas in Burnley involving reviewing and testing Area Development Framework proposals. Extensive community engagement programme in an area of over 5500 homes tackling sensitive issues of demolition and major physical change. Working with teams led by Taylor Wood and GVA Grimleys. Pete Duncan  
Bradford City Council 2004 A masterplan for Manningham delivering the City's 2020 vision for the area. Extensive consultation with local people, their support agencies, service providers and businesses covering an area of approximately 4,000 homes. Working with a team led by GVA Grimley. Pete Duncan  
North Benwell Neighbourhood Management Initiative 2004/2005 A development of a local partnership to lead neighbourhood management in North Benwell, a diverse community within Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sally Thomas  
Stockton Borough CouncilParkfield and Mill Lane Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder 2005 A community engagement programme as part of the development of a masterplan for the Parkfield and Mill Lane multi-cultural areas of Stockton. Pete Duncan  
West Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Trust 2004 Preparation of a regeneration proposal in consultation with the community for an area on the west side of Middlesbrough. Pete Duncan  
Wirral Borough Council 2004/2005 A community masterplan for North Birkenhead and Bidston, working in partnership with GVA Grimley, with extensive community and stakeholder consultation. Chris Cox  
Pendle Borough CouncilNelson ADF & NRA 2004 An area development framework and neighbourhood renewal assessment for part of Nelson within the East Lancashire Housing Market Renewal area. Working with Nathaniel Lichfield + Partners and Price Waterhouse Coopers. Strong emphasis on engagement with BME communities. Sally Thomas  
Hyndburn Borough Council 2004 To research and report on the potential for neighbourhood management within the Borough and recommend practical action to secure delivery through the establishment of a new body. Sally Thomas  
Hull CityBuildWest Hull ADF and Neighbourhood Renewal Plan 2004 An Area Development Framework and Neighbourhood Renewal Plan for the Housing Market Renewal priority wards in the city, focusing on community and stakeholder engagement. Sally Thomas  
Redcar & Cleveland Borough CouncilSouth Bank Housing masterplan 2004 Preparation of a Housing Regeneration Masterplan for the Borough Council including extensive community consultation. Working with Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners. Pete Duncan  
East Lancashire Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder 2003 To undertake community and stakeholder consultation in an area with Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder status to develop strategic proposals to tackle market failure in an sub region of 80,000 people; working with GVA Grimley, Price Waterhouse Coopers and EDAW. Sally Thomas  
Hartlepool New Deal for Communities 2003/2004 To evaluate the NDC's BME project, engage with the Bengali and Pakistani communities and make recommendations for how the project should be supported and funded to 2010. Pete Duncan  
Wirral Borough Council 2003 To undertake community and stakeholder consultation in an area with Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder status, to develop a strategic plan and area development proposals to tackle market failure; working with GVA Grimley and EDAW. Pete Duncan  
Sefton Borough Council 2002/2003 To undertake community and stakeholder consultation in an area with Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder status, to develop a strategic plan and area development proposals, to tackle market failure; leading on a community engagement programme and advising on the recruitment of housing associations to lead on neighbourhood development plans; working with GVA Grimley and EDAW. Sally Thomas  
Birmingham Sandwell HMRF Pathfinder 2003 Preparation of a comprehensive regeneration strategy with a housing focus in an area with HMR Pathfinder status. Involving broad consultation, option assessment and appraisal; working with a team that included EDAW, GVA Grimley and the University of Birmingham. Sally Thomas  
Jamia Mosque, Stockton 2000/2001 To carry out a feasibility study and prepare a business plan for a multi-cultural community centre in the Parkfield neighbourhood of Stockton. Pete Duncan  
Hartlepool Borough Council /Hartlepool New Deal for Communities 2001/2003 To develop a community housing plan for the regeneration of West Central Hartlepool (4,500 households). Recruit, train and manage a group of resident workers and advise on the establishment of a Housing Regeneration Company; working with Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners. Pete Duncan  
Stockton Borough Council 2002/2003 To carry out a housing-led appraisal of the future of the Parkfield area of Stockton on Tees and draw up an Action Plan for neighbourhood renewal; working with Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners. Included outreach work with BME communities. Pete Duncan  
East Hall Housing Cooperative, Easterhouse, Glasgow 2004 Working with a based housing association to build community capacity and develop neighbourhood solutions to agreed problems. Working with Alexander Consulting (Edinburgh). Pete Duncan  
Hull CityBuild (URC) 2004 To undertake a community engagement programme as part of phase 1 of a regeneration strategy for West Hull (6,500 households) through the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder programme; working with GVA Grimley and EDAW. Sally Thomas  
Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council / Redcar and Cleveland Partnership (LSP) 2002 To carry out consultation on a planning and regeneration strategy for Greater Eston (10,500 households). Sally Thomas  
Sedgefield Borough Council 2002 To develop a master plan for the regeneration of part of Newton Aycliffe new town (1,400 households); working with Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners. Pete Duncan  
Manchester City Council 2003 To provide consultation, training and support to the council; to design and analyse a community questionnaire and to write a consultation report, developing plans as part of Housing Market Renewal submission. Chris Cox  
Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council 2003 To research the development of Neighbourhood Management in the Greater Eston area. Sally Thomas  
Darlington Borough Council 2000/2002 Adviser to local authority and community partnership on estate regeneration and development of a community planning programme leading to a successful SRB6 bid. Providing advice on Neighbourhood Management and undertaking a feasibility study and business plan for new neighbourhood management/one-stop shop centre. Pete Duncan  
Sedgefield Borough Council / Three Rivers Housing Association 2000 Action research project in Ferryhill Station, Sedgefield, County Durham on a community-based approach to low demand neighbourhoods. Pete Duncan  
Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2000 Research and publication, Neighbourhood Regeneration: resourcing community involvement (Policy Press, 2000). Sally Thomas, Pete Duncan  
Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2000/2004 Community adviser to the Foundation and City of York Council for masterplanning a new urban village in York (550 households). Sally Thomas  
Sunderland ARC (URC) / Sunderland City Council / One North East 2000 Community and social input to an urban regeneration strategy for 65,000 household area of Sunderland including project managing a major community visioning programme involving 9 neighbourhood community planning events; working with EDAW. Sally Thomas, Pete Duncan  
Rotherham Borough Council 2000 Community consultation for an environmental strategy for an SRB4 area, including community planning; working with Ove Arup. Sally Thomas, Pete Duncan  
Rotherham Borough Council 2001/2002 Research into developing indicators as part of the Sustainable Coalfields Communities project; working with Ove Arup. Chris Cox  
Housing Corporation 2000 Good Practice Guide on finance for sustainable communities, Funding for Communities (Housing Corporation, 2000). Pete Duncan  
Department for Education and Employment / Home Office 2000/2001 National research on community resourcing and evaluation of the Community Champions and Community Development Learning Funds. Pete Duncan, Sally Thomas  
Milton Keynes Council / English Partnerships 2000/2001 Community consultation and social inclusion input to town centre masterplan; working with EDAW. Sally Thomas  
Glasgow Alliance 2000/2001 Two community planning exercises for Ruchill/Possil Park and Drumchapel, Glasgow in conjunction with the City's New Neighbourhoods Initiative (25,000 households); working with EDAW. Follow on work to implement the community plan. Pete Duncan  
Chartered Institute of Housing / The Housing Corporation / People for Places 2001 Research and publication of a national good practice guide on neighbourhood management for housing organisations, Neighbourhood Management: A Good Practice Guide (CIOH, 2001). Pete Duncan, Sally Thomas  
Government Office for the East Midlands 2000/2001 Research on community involvement in partnerships for a regional conference and report. Sally Thomas  
Hartlepool Borough Council/West Central Hartlepool NDC 2001 To carry out pre-master planning community capacity building work to develop a community housing plan. Pete Duncan, Sally Thomas  
Sedgefield Borough Council 2001/2002 To carry out a series of community appraisals for European and Neighbourhood Renewal funding. Sally Thomas  
Confederation of Co-operative Housing 2001/2004 To research and write a Good Practice Guide and disseminate findings on community control for tenants of RSLs (Registered Social Landlords), Taking Control In Your Community (Confederation of Cooperative Housing/Housing Corporation, 2003). Pete Duncan  
Catalyst Corby (URC) 2002 To carry out consultation and community planning for a borough regeneration strategy and town centre masterplan for Corby (pop. @ 51,000); working with EDAW. Sally Thomas  
West Central Hartlepool NDC 2002 To carry out a stage 1 feasibility study for developing neighbourhood management. Sally Thomas  
Derwentside District Council 2002 To carry out community appraisals for two wards in Derwentside (9,000 households). Chris Cox  
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister - Neighbourhood Renewal Unit 2002 To provide advice on the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit's performance management system for the neighbourhood renewal community programmes - community empowerment fund, community chests, community learning chests and the community forum. Sally Thomas  
Hastoe Housing Association 2002/2003 To act as resident advisers to two communities in the North East on the pilot Investors in Communities programme. Sally Thomas  
Northern Arts 2003 To carry out a review of Commissions North, the regional public art commissioning agency. Sally Thomas  
Sure Start Cheetham 2004 To carry out a training programme for the parents committee, linked to a local evaluation. Chris Cox