Our Experience

Planning their future - Possil Park Glasgow

Social Regeneration Consultants (SRC) is a specialist consultancy dedicated to best practice in community-based urban regeneration throughout the UK. We are based in North East England and we have extensive experience of working throughout the country on a wide variety of large and small contracts. Most of our direct work with local communities is in the North of England and Scotland. We work across and within sectors, bringing together stakeholders through partnership working and joining up projects and programmes wherever it makes sense to do so.

SRC has direct, recent experience in:

Then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Ruth Kelly, launches SRC's Successful Neighbourhoods Guide in 2007 SRC walkabout with Bangladeshi community leaders in Manningham, Bradford

We carry out this work across all sectors - public, private, community and voluntary, working on projects dealing with housing, health, crime and community safety, children and young people, economic development, education, planning and the environment. Our particular specialisms are in social housing, urban planning, neighbourhood management, community empowerment and development and environmental sustainability, but we rarely work exclusively in any of these fields.

We work on our own and also in partnership with others on major projects. We often take the lead on projects that require specialist expertise in working with local communities. Our recent partners include GVA Grimley, NLP Planning, EDAW, HTA Architects, DTZ Pieda, Commercial Estates Group and Eljay Research.

SRC always tries to work to the highest possible ethical and environmental standards.